Do what you do best and delegate the rest!

Posted: June 5, 2011 in My Blogs
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Utilising a Virtual Assistant

In the past we have been taught to work on our weaknesses. Current psychological research has discovered that this formula will give you marginal success at best. Operating to your strengths and doing what you do best is how to be successful. But that is not the only part of the mix and the second is to delegate your weaknesses. In fact, when you delegate a weakness to someone who does it better, faster and more efficient than you it becomes a strength.

If you choose to do those tasks that you enjoy or need to do then you are choosing not to do “something else”. This “something else” could be time with your family, friends or for yourself and of course not forgetting the bottom line – time with your clients. Your talents are better utilised where only you can perform particular tasks.

For example, if you move all your database information to a web based application it is accessible even when your computer is not and your VA and you can be using the application simultaneously in real time. Your VA will be able to make follow up calls, send out correspondence, post articles, do email marketing campaigns etc. When you’ve collected business cards this information needs to be checked and uploaded to your database. By using a Virtual Assistant you can delegate the post administrative tasks and this translates into time you can spend with clients instead of on administrative work. Your job is to show up and do what you do best. That is the idea. Do what you do best and delegate the rest!

Have a very clear picture of what you enjoy and what you are good at and make these the areas you spend your time on. Look at the areas of your business you put off or find difficult to do as these are most likely to be the areas that you need to delegate out to someone who is quicker and better at it than you.

For your business to grow and prosper effective delegation is the key and without the right team behind you, you cannot work to your full potential!


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